Man allegedly turns himself in for drunk driving

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Police respond to calls regarding suspected intoxicated drivers on a daily basis. However, what is unusual is for people to call the police claiming that they are guilty of drunk driving at that specific moment. One Florida resident has allegedly done just that.

Early this year, police were sent out in response to a man who supposedly called 911 to report himself for drunk driving. He supposedly informed the dispatcher that he was very drunk and didn’t know where he was. When the dispatcher asked what he was doing, he allegedly told her that he was driving around intentionally trying to get pulled over. 

He then allegedly told the dispatcher that he was driving on the wrong side of the road. At this point, the operator encouraged him to pull over and stop his vehicle. Soon after, he is said to have informed the operator that he had stopped his vehicle and was parked in the middle of the road. It was later revealed that the defendant had also not slept for several days. 

Driving while impaired is always a risk to the driver and to those around him or her. Florida residents who have been accused of drunk driving could benefit from contacting an attorney. A lawyer may be able to help his or her client to build the strongest possible defense with the available information. This information may include whether there was an accident and if there were any people injured in that accident. If the defendant chose to turn him or herself in, as this man did, then the attorney may also be able to use that information to the advantage of the defendant. 

Source:, “Florida man calls 911 to report himself drunk driving”, Jan. 6, 2018

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