Bryant & Higby lead lawsuit against drug manufacturers

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As the war rages against opioid addiction and its related crimes and consequences, a new battle plan has emerged, taking aim at the manufacturers of highly addictive drugs like OxyContin. Lawsuits across the country allege that pharmaceutical companies knew of the dangerously addictive potential in these drugs, yet they did not warn the medical community. In a recent move unanimously approved by the Bay County Commissioners, our law firm, Bryant and Higby Attorneys at Law has been tapped to represent this Florida County in its own lawsuit.

Evidence from across the country shows that patient dependence on the strong and habit-forming qualities in prescription opioids has resulted in an epidemic of addiction, overdoses, crime and death in small communities as well as big cities. Prescription opioid abuse is also blamed for the rise in heroin use and other deadly street drugs. Law enforcement is stretched thin, and citizens ultimately pay the price with their tax dollars.

Through these lawsuits, we intend to seek damages to help the community recover from the destruction of opioid addiction and its consequences. Our law firm is already handling similar lawsuits for Panama County and numerous counties in neighboring states. Our experience in this field of law and our association with respected experts in drug enforcement has prepared us for this challenge.

We have decades of experience in personal injury and products liability litigation. Because of this, we have seen how a successfully navigated lawsuit can bring about important changes for individuals, families and communities. Bryant and Higby Attorneys at Law is proud to be standing up for Bay County, Florida in this effort to hold accountable the pharmaceutical companies whose focus on their profits has left so many to suffer.

Source: Megan Bell, “Bay County chooses law firm to represent the board in the battle against opioid epidemic“, Megan Bell, Accessed on Jan. 14, 2018

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