Bad prank results in medical malpractice suit

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In an environment where co-workers work long hours together, it isn’t unusual for them to become friendly towards one another, as many Florida residents may know. Some may even become comfortable enough to joke around with or pull pranks on one another. Most of the time these jokes and pranks are harmless fun, like moving objects or jump scares. However, there are times when these jokes can go a step too far. One woman has filed a medical malpractice and invasion of privacy lawsuit against the hospital where she once worked because of photos that were taken by a colleague during her surgery.

The victim had undergone hernia surgery in September 2017. When she returned to work, a colleague showed her a number of photos that had been taken of her while she was on the operating table being prepped for surgery. In these photos, the victim was not only unconscious, but also nude. Allegedly, the photos were meant to be an extension of a practical joke, but the victim says that she did not give permission for the photos to be taken. 

These photos were allegedly shown to several other people in the hospital, which added to the victim’s invasion of privacy. It was later revealed that by taking the pictures in the operating room, the surgical staff had violated hospital policy. The policy that was violated involved the use of a cell phone in a sterile environment. 

Many Florida residents may be unaware that a malpractice lawsuit can extend to include more than the physical injury of patients. While this woman wasn’t physically hurt, her privacy was violated, and the staff had taken an unnecessary risk when they introduced outside elements into a sterile environment. Individuals who believe that they may be victims of medical malpractice could benefit from seeking the advice of an attorney. Victims may be entitled to compensation for medical costs, pain and suffering, or funeral costs. 

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