Fatal personal injury results from crash

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Florida roadways are always full of travelers. Some are locals going about their daily commutes, some are tourists and others are truck drivers just passing through. With so many vehicles on the road, there is a chance that drivers may be involved in a car accident that results in personal injury

Authorities responded to a crash involving a car and a semi-truck in Clay County on U.S. 301 at County Road 218 last Tuesday evening. Both the truck and the car had been traveling southbound on U.S. 301. The truck driver, whose truck had been stopped in the left turn lane, failed to yield to oncoming traffic when he exited the turn lane.

Because he did not have time to slow or stop his vehicle, the driver of the car collided with the rear of the truck trailer. The driver of the car died due to the injuries he suffered in the crash. Charges against the truck driver are still pending.

The risk of being involved in a car accident increase with every vehicle on the road. Drivers must strive to remain aware of their ever-changing surroundings, and of the other drivers around them in an effort to avoid accidents. However, it is impossible to avoid all car accidents as it only takes one mistake for an accident to occur. Those in Florida who have been involved in a crash and have suffered a personal injury have every right to consult an attorney. With the help of a lawyer, victims or their families may be able to obtain a monetary judgment for medical bills, property damage or even funeral costs when applicable. 

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