Airboat crash results in fatal personal injury

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There are a wide variety of activities for both locals and tourists to participate in down in Florida. However, many people may forget to consider that some of these things can be dangerous. It is possible for a person to suffer a severe personal injury while participating in one of these activities. 

An accident like this occurred on the afternoon of Nov. 11 when an airboat carrying four passengers crashed. Witnesses reported that the airboat was traveling quickly and seemed to get caught in its own wake, which caused the boat to flip. Several nearby boaters attempted to help the crash victims out of the water. Two of the passengers, including the boat’s operator, were rescued, but the remaining two died as a result of the accident.

One witness later told authorities that the man driving the boat had recently purchased it. They also discovered that he had no previous experience operating an airboat. As of now, the investigation is still ongoing, and authorities have expressed the importance of people learning how to operate large equipment, like boats, when they are purchased. 

Operating large machinery with passengers without knowing exactly what to do can be very dangerous. Doing so may put not only the operator but all of the passengers at risk of serious or possibly fatal personal injury. Florida residents who are victims of accidents resulting in injuries or the families of deceased victims may wish to consult with an attorney in order to discuss pursuing a claim for possible compensation. Any financial relief obtained may be used to cover medical costs, property damages and/or funeral costs. 

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