When is a hotel responsible for your injuries?

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Many of the visitors who come to the Panama City area stay in hotels while they enjoy the beach and other tourist attractions. While most stays in a hotel are free from incident, there are occasions in which a hotel guest may experience an injury because of circumstances beyond his or her control.

If you were hurt in a Florida hotel, it could be beneficial for you to better understand more about premises liability and how that could impact your right to claim compensation through a civil claim. It is possible that the hotel is financially liable for your injuries, but you would be wise to take quick action to protect your rights.

When is a hotel to blame?

The hotel manager and owner will work hard to contest any allegations of liability in an incident involving a guest. However, the hotel could actually be responsible for incidents involving negligence or negligent security. This could include:

  • Unmarked slippery or wet floors
  • Poorly lit stairwells
  • Obvious hazards and maintenance issues
  • Malfunctioning elevators

In order to prove that your hotel is liable for your injuries, the hazard or issue that led to your accident must stem from issues of which the hotel should have been aware or addressed appropriately. Typically, these are hazards that a person should foresee as a threat to guest safety.

Building a strong claim against the hotel

The success of a premises liability claim against a hotel depends on proving that the hotel violated a standard duty of care owed to all guests. Your claim must establish that the hotel owed you a reasonable expectation of safety and violated the duty of care ultimately resulting in your injury.

With appropriate evidence and documentation, you may be able to hold the hotel liable for your injuries and claim the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering.

The steps to take after your accident

Whether you suffered because of a slip-and-fall accident or you were hurt due to unnecessary hazards present in a hotel, you have the right to seek a full recovery. If it is appropriate for you to file a civil claim, you have no time to lose in taking the appropriate measures to hold liable parties accountable.

One of the most beneficial things you can do after a hotel accident is to seek a complete evaluation of your case. This will help you decide how to proceed and how you can protect your rights.

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