Hands-free devices are not danger-free devices

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Distracted driving is a problem not just in Florida, but everywhere across the country. Because almost every driver has a cell phone, many people look for safer ways to use their phones while behind the wheel. Contrary to what many people think, there really is no safe way to use a phone while driving, even with a hands-free device. 

Sometimes, people are lulled into a false sense of security when using a hands-free device. Just because a driver is looking out the window and has both hands on the wheel does not mean that his or her mind is on the task at hand. Cognitive distraction is dangerous and preventable.

The myth about hands-free devices

Hands-free Bluetooth devices are not risk-free. Using these devices can cause distraction as much as typing a text message can, yet people think they are safer. In reality, distraction of any kind always leads to the higher chance of a car accident. Consider these facts to better understand the reality behind using hands-free devices while driving:

  • They can make drivers less aware of what is going on around them, including potential hazards.
  • Carrying on a conversation affects a driver’s vision and cognitive function much more than most people realize.
  • Drivers on the phone may process hazards more slowly, impacting their reaction time.

Simply put, hands-free devices are not necessarily any safer than actually holding a phone and talking while driving. Like other types of distraction, cognitive distraction can be extremely dangerous, and drivers who exhibit this type of dangerous behavior and place others at risk could be accountable for any damages they cause.

You may believe that distraction played a role in your accident, and while it may be frustrating and complex, it is possible to build a strong personal injury claim against the liable driver. You can begin this process by seeking support and guidance as soon as possible after an accident.

Holding distracted drivers accountable

There is no excuse for distracted driving, and victims do not have to endure the painful aftermath of this dangerous behavior in silence. You would be wise to know your rights and promptly move forward with the most appropriate legal option available to you.

As a victim of a distracted driver, you have rights. You could have a claim to damages for your financial losses, damage to personal property and more. Hands-free devices can lead to dangerous behaviors, but you can fight for a full and fair recovery.

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